Iron-on or self-adhesive: which clothing labels should you choose?

Iron-on or self-adhesive: which clothing labels should you choose?

To prevent your children's clothes from being lost, forgotten or accidentally swapped, you can easily create your own set of personalised name labels specially designed for clothes and textiles. Whether you choose iron-on or self-adhesive labels that don't require the use of an iron when you need to attach them, you can personalise them with your child's first and last name to save yourself a lot of lost clothing items later on.

Forget the old-school felt pen when you need to add your child's name to the inside laundry label on all their clothes. It doesn’t look great and it’s a lot less practical, especially if you're planning to pass on their clothes to someone else after they’ve outgrown them. Instead, choose personalised clothing labels that have been specially designed for your child's clothes and other textiles.


Iron-on clothing name labels are made to last

Iron-on name labels for clothes are permanent and can be easily attached using a hot iron. They’re available in a rectangular shape (48 labels) as well as a round shape (15 labels).

Benefits of iron-on clothing labels

Personalised iron-on name labels for clothing can be easily attached to any fabric that can be ironed at 160 degrees. This means you don't have to keep the itchy, scratchy clothing labels in the clothes, so they won’t annoy your child's neck.

These high-quality clothing labels are suitable for children's skin, and have been tested to ensure they’re suitable even for the most sensitive baby skin. They’re tumble dry safe and machine washable at up to 60 degrees and won’t be affected by sweat, water, rubbing or friction from wear.

Iron-on labels with your child's name remain in place for a long time after you’ve attached them and they’re therefore ideal for labelling long-lasting and durable clothes of high quality. They’re particularly suitable for clothes that the children will be bringing to nursery or school, when it's time to label all your little one's things for the coming year. These personalised iron-on name labels for clothes are the result of 100% Swiss expertise and technology.

Our tip for iron-on clothing labels

Children grow up fast and it's true that their clothes have to be replaced quite regularly. But don't worry! Even if the personalised iron-on name labels are resistant and made to last, you can stick a new one on top of an existing one. This is very practical, especially when their clothes are passed on to family members or other children.

How do I use my iron-on clothing labels?

Before attaching them to your child's clothes, fully personalise your iron-on name labels. Choose between a rectangular or round shape and then pick a colour, illustration and text. Fill out your child's first and last name, a phone number or any other information you think is useful to display on the label - it's completely up to you!


I’ll personalise my own iron-on labels



Here are the instructions for applying iron-on clothing labels:

  1. Make sure that the area of the garment where you want to attach the label is clean, completely dry and not wrinkled

  2. Turn the garment inside-out, place it on your ironing board and place the label on the garment

  3. Cover the label with a piece of baking paper

  4. Heat your iron to 160 degrees (the polyester/wool setting)

  5. Place the heated iron on the baking paper and leave it for 20 seconds without moving it

  6. Wait 48 hours before the first wash - maximum 60°C

How to mark socks?

You might think that trousers, t-shirts and jackets are bigger items and therefore will be much easier to label, but labelling smaller items of clothing such as socks is just as quick and easy. Soon, you won’t have any more single socks and lost pairs at football or school will be reunited in no time!

You can label socks with the same iron-on clothing name labels you use for your child's other clothes. Simply turn them inside out and place the personalised name labels in a place where there will be the least amount of friction during wear. Once the label is positioned where you want it, place the baking paper on top and follow the same instructions mentioned in the instructions above. No more orphaned black or white socks looking for their partners!

Self-adhesive clothing labels, ideal for quick labelling

Available in short (80 labels) or long (50 labels), Peel & Stick labels for clothes that are attached without the use of an iron remain in place from a few days (short-term) to 8 months (long-term). They’re easily attached to your child's clothing and you can stick them on a laundry label inside the garments in a matter of seconds. They’re ideal for labelling older children's clothes or for labelling supplies for camp, a school trip or holiday camp items.

The advantages of self-adhesive clothing name labels

Whether for short or long term use, the self-adhesive & customisable clothing labels are quick and easy to apply in seconds. These premium quality stickers are also versatile because if you have a few too many, there's nothing to stop you applying them to other everyday items your child uses. These self-adhesive name labels for clothes are manufactured using Swiss technology through a 100% local production cycle.

The long-lasting personalised labels are suitable for children's skin and won’t be affected by sweat, water or fricktion. Another advantage is that they can be tumble-dried and machine-washed at up to 40 degrees. They’re very convenient and can stay where you apply them for up to 8 months, which is about the same time that a child goes up a clothing size.

The self-adhesive short term clothing labels stay on for a few weeks at most. They’re perfect for camps and summer camps, for labelling clothes made of delicate fabrics that don't wash well or at all, and for labelling clothes that can't be ironed, such as ski suits, raincoats and swimming costumes.

Our tip for Peel & Stick name labels

Self-adhesive clothing labels require the clothing laundry label to be intact as they need to be applied on top of it. Even though they’re designed for "temporary" labelling of children's clothes, unlike iron-on labels which are made to last longer, customised Peel & Stick labels are attached quickly and, more importantly, can be removed just as quickly. It's great for when your child comes home from camp or when you pass on their clothes to a family member or friend. It can also save time for busy parents as the self-adhesive name tags can be stuck on in seconds in the morning before leaving for school or when you've forgotten to label your child's new jacket!

Have you ordered too many self-adhesive clothing labels? Don't panic! They can also be applied to objects to label the things your child uses every day.

How to use Peel & Stick clothing labels?

Before applying them, you need to customise your clothing name labels according to your child's taste. First, choose the type of label you want (short- or long-term), then choose a colour and fill out the text, which ideally is your child's first and last name, a telephone number or any other information you want to display on the label.


I’ll personalise my own self-adhesive clothing labels


Instructions for long-lasting name labels for clothes

  1. Place the garment on a table and expose its laundry label

  2. Make sure the laundry label is clean, completely dry and wrinkle free

  3. Stick the name label on like a plaster, making sure that the 2 ends of your label meet and stick together behind the back of the laundry label

  4. Wait 24 hours before washing the garment for the first time at max 40°C

Instructions for short term clothing name labels

  1. Place the garment on a table and expose its laundry label

  2. Make sure the laundry label is clean, completely dry and wrinkle free

  3. Stick and run your thumb over the label to remove any air bubbles

How to create personalised clothing labels with Stickerkid?

It's easy, just choose between iron-on (rectangular or round) or self-adhesive (short- or long-term) clothing name labels and personalise them to your liking or to your child's taste. That’s it - nice and easy!

As for iron-on labels for clothes, you can choose from a wide range of colours and then insert the text you want (name and surname of your child, telephone number, allergy, etc.) as well as an illustration you can select from our many themes. When you want to personalise a set of Peel & Stick clothing name labels, whether they’re for short or long term, you can choose a colour and add your own text. For short-term self-adhesive labels, in addition to the colour and text, you can choose between 3 different background designs. Go ahead, it's super easy and practical!

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