StickerKid Club

What's this about?

StickerKid's Reward program is a program designed to reward your loyalty. You can earn points translated into real money for every order you place, every friend you refer to StickerKid as well as any opinion you share about your order. It's our way of saying "thank you" for being our clients and spreading the good word. StickerKid Points can be used on any product on our website.


How do I participate?

Loyalty Reward: Just order as you would do normally and earn 1 point for every 10 $US you spend.

Refer-A-Friend: Use the tools above to share your personal referral link. When someone clicks your link, subscribes to StickerKid, and makes his or her first purchase within 5 days, you will earn 5 StickerKid Points. Your points will automatically be accredited to your StickerKid account. Of course your friend will also get a reward - in his or her case, he / she will benefit from a 10% discount on his first order.

Share your opinion: One StickerKid Point can also be collected by sharing your opinion via social media platforms directly following your purchase via the link provided at the end of your order.


When will I get my reward?

Your points will automatically be accredited to your StickerKid account. Your friends discount will be immediate at his or her first order.


Terms and conditions

1. One StickerKid Point will be given for each 10 $US . One StickerKid Point is worth 0,50 $US.

2. There is no limit of collecting StickerKid Points nor in the number of participants.

3. StickerKid Points are valid from the day of reception for a time period of 6 months and will automatically expire after. The StickerKid Points cannot be transferred to other StickerKid clients.

4. The offer may be available in selective countries only, and redeeming your StickerKid Points is only feasible in your home country.

5. Referrals are unlimited and the referrer will receive 5 StickerKid Points for every successful referal (accredited in his StickerKid account). Points are collected on the net purchase value of the order.

6. The referred to friend will receive a one-time 10% discount on his first order. Only valid if ordered within 5 days post referral.

7. Shipping costs are not subject to collecting points as part of the loyalty program and StickerKid Points cannot be used to cover shipping costs.

8. StickerKid Points may also be given to “Refer a Friend Members” on special events or as special rewards defined at the sole discretion of the StickerKid company. There is no entitlement of annual revisions or bonuses.

9. Social Media points are limited to 1 point per purchase (sharing on 1 social media plattform post purchase).

10. There is no cash payout possible.

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