Office & study organization: even the big kids are getting into it!

Office & study organization: even the big kids are getting into it!

Losing items, forgetting stuff when you’re out and accidentally swapping things with others aren't just things little kids do! Therefore, at Stickerkid, we also offer labels and stickers to help with organizational skills for both adults and teenagers. A good idea for organizing your things in the office or your study: a pack of personalised self-adhesive labels!

Tidy up your workspace and label all your office supplies

Easily label your personal belongings and supplies with customized labels designed specifically for office organization: these will fit on and stick to different types of cables, phone chargers, pens and pencils, staplers, mugs, lunch boxes, computer mouse, external hard drives, headphones, lip balm, filing cabinets and much more. Stickers for office organization aren’t just for children - adults and teenagers find them both useful and chic as you can personalize them exactly as you wish!

Let's face it; the office can quickly become a place where clutter reigns supreme. Whether you're a messy desk jumper who needs to quickly find what's yours, or someone super neat who prefers to label all your office supplies so they’re not ‘borrowed’ by your colleagues, you can create your own custom adhesive labels to fit your office organization needs. Be your own desk organizer! 

Which pen is mine? Is this my water bottle or yours? I'm sure my colleague took my mug! I can't find my stapler! What happened to all my pencils? Are you sure this is the right filing cabinet? With office supplies labels, all that mess and chaos is in the past! Just opt for the office pack and you will get all of the best individual adhesive labels for office organization and personalization.


The perfect pack for office and study organization

Stickerkid’s office pack is a specially designed bundle that contains 176 self-adhesive and customizable labels for objects, allowing you to organize your desk at the office or your study in the best possible way :

  • 72 mini labels
  • 60 small labels 
  • 44 medium labels

With these office organization labels you can label your equipment and personal supplies with your name and/or any other essential information to help you avoid losing them, forgetting them, having your colleagues ‘borrow’ them and not bring them back, or to quickly identify what belongs to you.


Let’s try the office pack!


The self-adhesive labels for office organizing come in different sizes and are easy to securely stick on the things you use every day in the office: the small labels are ideal for office and study organization (pens, pencils, nibs, fountain pens or phone charger) and the larger ones are perfect for your mugs, water bottles, laptops, staplers and even your external hard drive.

We've talked a lot about adults here, but the individual organization labels in this office pack are also perfect for teenagers. Whether it's for their classroom supplies - at school or at college - or for their home office supplies, young adults will find a more mature design in these office labels, rather than the colourful and cute personalized stickers we offer for smaller children. Labelling your items is a great desk organization idea! Teenagers can label their stapler, favourite fountain pen, folders, notebooks,laptops or external hard drive for their home desks or for school. All they’ll need to do is choose a colour and a font and they're done! 

Which items can be labelled to achieve office & study organization?

The mini name labels from the office pack are suitable for even the smallest and most delicate office supplies: 

  • Pencils
  • Pens
  • Ballpoint pens
  • Fountain pens
  • Felt pens
  • Rulers
  • Charging cables
  • Headphone cases

In addition to this, these labels for office organization will withstand all the hustle and bustle of everyday life and firmly stay where you have applied them. They’ll help you to avoid having your office supplies ‘borrowed’ by your colleagues and also help you locate your stuff if it’s lost or missing.

The small and medium sized customizable office labels can be applied to larger items such as:

  • Stapler
  • Charger
  • Calculator
  • External hard drive
  • Coffee/tea mug
  • Water bottle
  • Lunch Box
  • Folders and files
  • Laptop computer

Just like the mini labels, these small and medium-sized stickers for objects are made to withstand the rigours of everyday life and they'll help you individually label every personal item for perfect office organization quickly and easily.

Durable and customizable labels for organizing office supplies

The self-adhesive office labels, like all other stickers produced by Stickerkid, are durable and made to last. They’re also dishwasher, microwave and freezer proof - so if you want to stick them on your mugs, coffee cups or water bottles at work, you can go right ahead. Even our smallest self-adhesive organization labels are extremely durable and will stay in place for a long time after being placed on pens, fountain pens, laptops, computer mouse or chargers that you use every day.

Additionally, these self-adhesive labels for office supplies are sun and water resistant. Once you place your order with us, they’re manufactured within 24 hours using high-quality materials and eco-friendly inks. Quality, respect for the environment and your health and wellbeing are all important to us!

Just like our stickers for children, you can personalize your labels for office organization with your choice of text, colour, font and an illustration. You can choose to keep it simple and discreet by choosing a standard colour and font. If you want to stand out from the crowd, we offer a wide range of colours, fonts and illustrations on our website. It's all up to you! 

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