Vegetables in a glass | A good idea for anyone who doesn't like vegetables

Vegetables in a glass | A good idea for anyone who doesn't like vegetables

Children and vegetables are like cats and dogs.For some reason, they seem to be having a very bad time.It can be hard to understand and frustrating for any parent. When we put a delicious vegetable soup on the table, kids look like we cancelled a movie night for the next two weeks!

Given the current situation, it’s very important to look after our immune system. We had to try something new!

We decided to make vegetable juice!

After discussing the theme of vegetables with our family, we realized that it was not the vegetables themselves, but their cooked consistency that was bothering the little ones.When I think about it now, it's true: we love to eat cucumbers and raw tomatoes.So why not use the vegetables that would end up in a vegetable stew and try new flavours combined with sweet fruit?

So let's get started!First, we added apples, fresh oranges and old carrots into the juicer.Why old carrots?Because our children do not eat them raw or cooked ... After a very sceptical look, our youngest child courageously tried a sip.And drank the whole glass.Unbelievable!

That positive reaction gave us courage.Then we tried the sworn enemy, the "spinach".Yes, you can make juice out of spinach!Paired with sweet grapes and delicious pears, it was clear: the spinach is delicious and makes a pretty colour in the glass!

We are going to attack the most hated vegetable of our children: the beetroot.It was difficult to find fruits that would go with that earthy taste.Finally, a mixture of strawberries, apples and boiled beetroots was tasted by the children.And you know what?This wild mixture is our children's favourite!

Curious to try it yourself? Be creative and surprise your children with new flavours and incredible smoothies!

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